Our Story


Our Story

Our CTO Jim Innes has always had a passion for green energy development. After many successful years of antenna site management, he decided to take his technical skills and invest them in solar PV installation. Jim and his team helped businesses, like the historical Joshua House building, go “green” and save money by converting to solar.

A few years later came the onslaught of destructive hurricanes to the Northeast region. Again and again, millions would lose power – the grid had failed them. People were trying to contact their loved ones, sitting in running cars for hours to charge and use their phones. Jim was convinced that there had to be a better way.

Off-grid charging was the solution. Having already worked extensively with solar panels, it was decided that all efforts would be put into two solar charging products: one for personal charging use, and one for larger-scale, public charging. The first product was our Grid2Go portable solar-powered mobile charger. This would allow anyone to charge up to two phones at once, using the power of the sun. The second was our flagship product: the ConnecTable solar table charging station. Featuring an unmatched solar array, and available charging for up to 12 phones at once, the table was designed with reliability, durability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. With the addition of ConnecTables, public spaces could now be transformed into

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