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Do you find yourself waiting for the “other shoe to drop” when it comes to renewable energy? If so, you aren’t alone. There are many reasons for ‘waiting it out’— some assume it could be a fad, others are hoping prices will drop, still others are waiting to see if sustainable energy is really all that efficient. Perhaps it’s natural to be skeptical of change, but it’s high time to embrace that renewable energy is not just a fad, and in fact is the most affordable and efficient it’s ever been. A recent article by the BBC, “Renewable Energy Soars to Record Levels Around the World,” has brought to light new statistics that support investing in solar energy, NOW:


More Popular Than Ever

For years now renewable energy has been increasing in popularity, not only in residential areas, but also in the manufacturing, education, and corporate business sectors. It should be no surprise to hear that in 2015 more solar, wind, and hydropower sources were added globally and at a faster rate than ever before.

Renewable Energy

Globally, renewable energy saw its greatest year in 2015: Green power is now the leading source of electricity in Europe, providing for 44% of its total capacity. Meanwhile, in the U.S., several businesses that employ a combined 11 million people have made a 100% commitment to using renewables as their sole means of energy.


Declining Costs

While it’s no surprise that some of the top players in the global economy have added the largest share of green power(China accounts for over 1/3 of the global total), this year developing countries spent more on renewable energy than the world’s wealthier nations for the first time ever. This can be attributed to the increasing affordability of renewable energy — no longer is it seen as an investment too expensive to responsibly consider. Even more interesting is that as the cost of renewables falls, the cost of fossil fuels has (independently) as well; yet, investment in renewables are double that of fossil fuels. While these resources are now extremely cost-competitive, there is an undeniable preference towards green energy as it produces a greater ROI, while also helping to preserve the environment.

If you are considering investing in renewable resources for your home, business or institution, the time has never been better. We look forward to making a brighter and cleaner future together.


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*Data for this article courtesy of the BBC and the Renewables Global Status Report.

As a company that is committed to sustainability, it should be no surprise that all of us working on the ConnecTable love being outdoors. And with summer right on our doorstep, we wanted to showcase some of the best urban green spaces all around America:

Central Park – New York City


We would be remiss not to include Central Park on our list of best urban parks. Located in Manhattan, Central Park is THE place to go in NYC this summer if you are looking for a picnic area or just a place to take a stroll and enjoy the fresh air. The park covers over 800 acres, and is one of the most frequently visited parks and most filmed locations in the world.


Fairmount Park – Philadelphia


Fairmount Park, which consists of 63 parks and over 9,000 acres of land, is one of the largest urban park systems in America. The park includes the Philadelphia Zoo, which was the first zoo in the United States, the Philadelphia Art Museum (where you can run up the stairs like Rocky), and BoatHouse Row.


Golden Gate Park – San Francisco

san Fran

Located in San Francisco and spanning over 1,000 acres, Golden Gate Park is shaped similarly to Central Park. Like Central Park, Golden Gate Park is the perfect getaway for urbanites looking to relax outdoors and reconnect with Nature. The park is home to the De Young Museum, the Academy of Sciences, and the Japanese Tea Garden (pictured above).


Audubon Park – New Orleans


While New Orleans is known for its delectable food, flashy parades, and its saturation of live blues musicians, it is also blessed with some of America’s most unique landscapes. Audubon Park is home to beautiful, ancient oak trees, a rookery that is a prime location for bird watching, and the Audubon Park Golf Course.


Forest Park – St Louis

St. Louis

Forest Park, located in St. Louis, was the site of both the 1904 World’s Fair (the Louisiana Purchase Exposition) and the 1904 Summer Olympics. In addition to its gorgeous landscape design, the park is home to the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum, and the St. Louis Science Center.


Grant Park – Chicago


Located in Chicago’s business district, Grant Park is the perfect place to take your afternoon lunch break. Notable features of the park include: Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Lurie Garden, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


Boston Common – Boston


Located in the heart of Boston, Boston Common is the oldest city park in America and the starting point of the Freedom Trail (a 2.5 mile path that winds through downtown Boston). While at the Boston Common, take time to visit the Washington Statue or stop by the Brewer Fountain (pictured above) to enjoy a peaceful summer afternoon.


Patterson Park – Baltimore


Nicknamed “Baltimore’s Best Backyard” Patterson Park is a wonderful place to spend a warm summer day. Take the afternoon to go fishing at Boat Lake, visit the Pulaski Memorial, or climb to the top of the pagoda (pictured above) to take in a breathtaking view of downtown Baltimore, Patapsco River, Key Bridge, and Fort McHenry.


Encanto Park – Phoenix


Encanto Park is located in Central Phoenix and covers over 200 acres. Take the kids to Enchanted Island for the amusement park, spend the day fishing for catfish, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass in the lagoon, or play 18 holes at the Encanto Park Golf Course. You can also beat the Phoenix heat by taking a dip in the Encanto Park swimming pool.


Balboa Park – San Diego

San Diego

After exploring the gardens and any of the 15 museums that the Balboa Park, located in San Diego, has to offer, you can take in a play at the Old Globe Theatre or visit the world famous San Diego Zoo. The park is also wonderful place to take your dog for the day. It even has three designated areas where you can let your pup off the leash to run around and play with their friends.


Didn’t see your favorite park? Leave us a comment! Wishing you an amazing summer in the great outdoors!

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