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Chapman University Purchases CarrierClass Green Infrastructure’s ConnecTablesTM

Chapman University Sustainability(Orange, CA July 2015) –Chapman University students who wished to take their studies outdoors now havean opportunity toexperience the ConnecTableTM Solar Charging Station for their electronic devices. A Connectable solar table charging station wasinstalled in the Davis Quad area on campus. The University was searching for opportunities to bring solar onto campus as well as way to address outdoor areas where students study. “We had areas on our campus that students enjoyed studying in but we had difficulty in running electrical for a functional workspace,” says MacKenzieCrigger, Manager of Sustainability.

Their search covered the web, attendance at various trade shows and speaking with a variety of vendors to identify a solution. “Ultimately we chose ConnecTables for the attractive look and the best capacity to charge multiple devices. The overall quality of the tables was also important to us in the decision making process and we felt the quality was worth the price for these tables,” explains Ms. Crigger.

These robust power stations offer a 3/1 solar harvest to output power ratio and bring a unique perspective to today’s techno-dependent student’s constant need to stay connected. And, with the new, expanded canopy now available, they also bring additional shade from the California sun.Funding for these tables was provided by the Facilities Department.

About CarrierClass Green Infrastructure

CarrierClass Green Infrastructure provides businesses with innovative, off-grid solar solutions.  CCGI’s flagship product, the ConnecTable Café Table, has been engineered to harness solar energy in the most reliable way, providing truly off-grid charging for electronic devices nearly anywhere, at any time. CarrierClass Green Infrastructure offers only the most high-quality, durable products that transform outdoor environments into modern, sustainable, charging retreats.   The hallmarks of all CCGI green power products and projects are exceptional solar design, engineering, architectural and aesthetic standards. CCGI was founded in 2008 by infrastructure entrepreneurs Jim Innes and Ian Jones. CCGI’s background includes commercial solar power purchase agreements, project feasibility analysis and development along with turnkey implementation of commercial solar PV and solar thermal projects. Its sister company CarrierClass Deployment Services is a wireless and telecom infrastructure management and project implementation company for clients including AT&T Mobility, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Advance Realty Group. Learn more at


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