Don’t Let Technology Keep You Anchored Down

With all of the incredible advancements in technology over the past decade, have you ever wondered why we still don’t have batteries that will last for longer than a day without needing to be recharged? As technology gets better and faster with each year, why hasn’t the need to power it caught up?

Moore’s Law predicts that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit will double every two years. Or in layman’s terms, that digital electronics will continue to improve at an incredibly fast rate for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, this law does not apply to battery technologies and their underlying chemical processes.

While much research has been conducted with the aim of finding new ways to improve battery life, there is still no clear-cut leader, which has led to a division of research funding. And with slow, but continued improvements to lithium ion batteries, the Big 3 battery producers, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG, have little interest in developing radically different battery technologies.

With no significant improvement to battery life on the horizon, we are left to find more convenient ways to recharge so we can allow our mobile devices to keep us mobile, not anchored down to the closest outlet.

From men to women, students to professionals, it has happened to all of us; whether it be at tailgate, on a hike, relaxing at a park, or sitting in the Quad finishing a paper, we have all been forced to step out of the sun and return indoors to locate an outlet so we can charge our phone or laptop.


For this reason, our goal at the ConnecTable is to provide our customers with convenient solutions to their charging issues. The ConnecTable solar charging tables, the Café and the Hub, allow students, corporate professionals, and park-goers with a comfortable, convenient, and ecofriendly station to recharge.

And if you prefer to venture even further off the beaten path, simply bring a Grid2Go mobile phone charger that fits in your pocket and you’ll be worried about losing your phone service long before you ever worry about a low battery.

For more information on off-grid charging or to request a free quote for a ConnecTable solar charging station or Grid2Go solar mobile charger, please contact one of our sales representatives at


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