ConnecTable Solar Charging Station Questions:

Solar Charging Station QuestionsMost questions our customers have about ConnecTable solar charging stations can be answered by reviewing our brochure and spec sheet, which can be accessed here:

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Other questions regarding the ConnecTable:

How do ConnecTable solar table charging stations collect solar energy and turn it into usable energy?

The ConnecTable uses two (2) industry-standard, commercial quality 265-watt solar panels for a total of 530watts. These solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electric power which is then processed and conditioned through the system components that feed multiple USB and 120V AC power outlets where users can connect and charge their devices. The sun’s energy is stored in the battery component that is housed within the system and supplies a continual feed of power captured from the sun and stored for whenever needed.

How many devices can the ConnecTable charge?

With a full battery, the ConnecTable can charge between 75-150 iPhones per day.

How long does it take the ConnecTable to charge?

The Connectable needs six hours of direct sunlight to be fully charged.

How quickly can a device charge on the ConnecTable?

The 2.1amp outlet can charge an iPhone by 1% every 90 seconds. The 1.1amp outlet can charge an iPhone by 1% every three (3) minutes

Is there room for a second battery? What would an additional or replacement battery cost?

Yes, a second battery can be installed. It would be identical to the VRLA battery that the ConnecTable currently features, and would match the same cost. Replacement 225 Ah batteries are commonly available through distributors and price varies by supplier.

We would be more than happy to discuss the answers to these or any other questions regarding ConnecTable solar table charging stations by telephone. Please contact one of our sales representatives at 267-419-8496 or fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page.

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