ConnecTable Solar Charging Station Questions:

Most questions our customers have about ConnecTable solar charging stations can be answered by reviewing our brochure and spec sheet, which can be accessed here:

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Other questions regarding the ConnecTable:

How do ConnecTable solar table charging stations collect solar energy and turn it into usable energy?

The ConnecTable uses four (4) industry-standard, commercial quality 265-watt solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels for a total of 1060watts. These panels capture the sun’s energy in the form of photons which are then converted by individual silicon solar cells into direct current photo-voltaic (PV) power at varying voltages. The charge controller, inverter and battery bank housed within the table structure process and condition the power to feed to multiple USB and 120V AC power outlets. The sun’s energy is stored in the battery and supplies a continual feed of power captured from the sun for whenever needed.

How many devices can the ConnecTable charge?

With a full battery, the ConnecTable can charge between 75-150 iPhone 5/6 model equivalent devices with battery capacity in the 10-100% range per day.

How long does it take the ConnecTable to charge?

The Connectable battery needs 2-3 hrs/day of direct sunlight to be fully charged from a partial discharge state.

How quickly can a device charge on the ConnecTable?

The 2.1amp USB ports can charge an iPhone 5 at a rate of 1% every 90 seconds when the battery is at < 50% capacity. The 1.1amp outlets can charge an iPhone 5 at a rate of  1% every three (3) minutes when the battery is at < 50% capacity.

Is there room for a second battery? What would an additional or replacement battery cost?

Yes, a second battery can be installed. It would be identical to the VRLA battery that the ConnecTable currently features, and would match the same cost. Replacement 225 Ah batteries are commonly available through distributors and price varies by supplier.

What is the expected life of the ConnecTable battery?

The battery life is entirely dependent on how frequently the battery is used, but the general estimate for the life of the battery is 4-5 years.

Can the ConnecTable still charge devices when it is not sunny?

The essential purpose of any well-designed off grid solar station such as our ConnecTable models is to provide power on steady 24/7/365 basis as long as the user device quantities and charging loads remain within the systems original design capacity. In the summer, with bright sunny days that is usually not a challenge. On those days  the output from the tables is 100% from the sun, without any use or drainage of the battery. The solar design capacity for both our Café & Hub models is based on battery charging at typical 20% capacity for 75-100 iPhone model 5-6 equivalent devices/day, or a lesser quantity mix of higher powered devices such as tablets or laptops. This is the off grid solar charging stations device reliability objective.

That reliability objective is paired with an autonomy objective. That objective is that as long as the station receives the equivalent of 6 hours of full sun over every 3 day period, both the owner and users of the station can rely on it to meet that reliability objective.

The battery is paired with a high quality charge controller that regulates current received from the panels and helps maximize the power to the battery to achieve optima and efficient energy storage. Our fully engineered system is robust enough to enable the tables to be used even during days with less-than-perfect weather.

As long as there is sun even somewhat available, the solar panels convert that energy into usable electric power which is then stored in the battery. Depending on how often the table is used, it will hold a charge for multiple overcast days.

What kind of maintenance does the ConnecTable require?

The ConnecTable requires very little maintenance. Like any piece of outdoor furniture, accumulated outdoor airborne dust and pollen on the surface of the table and the solar panels may need to be wiped or washed down from time to time.

We also recommend periodic inspection and maintenance as outlined in the warranty.

What kind of outlets does the ConnecTable feature?

Our table has two (2) 120V AC GFCI outlets with 2 receptacles each and two (2) USB outlets with 4 receptacles each for a total of eight (8) USB charging ports and four (4) 120V outlets.

Will the table operate safely in all weather conditions?

Yes. At CarrierClass Green Infrastructure we take safety very seriously. All 120V AC outlets are rated for outdoor use, National Electrical Code (NEC) -compliant, and include protective weatherproof covers. Our Café system is also GFCI ground-circuit protected which is unique in that it requires a NEC-compliant, 8ft grounding rod to be installed with each table. Normal weather conditions will not affect the safety of the tables. When it comes to function, only very extreme conditions (i.e., excessive flooding) would impact the ConnecTable’s ability to continue to operate.

Is there a switch for the LED lights?

There is a timer switch located on the mast that controls the LED lights that illuminate the tabletop area.

What is the maximum carbon offset if 75-150 iPhones were charged on a daily basis at the ConnecTable?

According to Apple, an iPhone is charged after two hours of being plugged into an outlet or USB port drawing 5 Watts. If we consider that charged, one phone needs 10 WH for the battery to be charged from 0 – 100%.

For 75-150 phones, we would need 750-1500 Wh (0.75-1.5kWh). During “on the go” outdoor public device charging, typical ConnecTable user electronic device charging session times are in the 20-45’ range.

For our estimates, we use 0.0006896 metric tons C02 as being offset for every kWh of renewables generated. To take it a step further, we use 2204.62 lbs. per metric tons to convert to lbs. Using these figures; we could say that charging 75-150 iPhones would offset 1.14-2.28 lbs. of C02 per day.

We would be more than happy to discuss the answers to these or any other questions regarding ConnecTable solar table charging stations by telephone. Please contact one of our sales representatives at 267-419-8496 or fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page.

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