Getting the Most out of your Sustainable Investment: The Many Uses for the ConnecTable Hub

The ConnecTable is more than just a solar charging table. We’ve designed it as a multi-purpose social gathering station, and while we built the table with certain sustainability uses in mind our customers have found many additional ways that ConnecTable can be beneficial to campuses and outdoor workspaces alike:


  • Outdoor Charging Station: The main purpose for the table was, and continues to be, an off-grid, solar charging solution for charging your devices outdoors. The ConnecTable enables students, colleagues and park patrons alike to charge up to 150 mobile devices per day- including phones, laptops, cameras, tablets and hand-held video game consoles.
  • Outdoor Learning Center: The ConnecTable is ideal for creating an outdoor learning center for students. Use one of the 4 electrical plugs to hook up a projector to the table and give presentations and lectures to students. Alternatively, allow students to bring their laptops and books outside with them to work on individual or group assignments.
  • Campus Safety Feature: Studies have shown that less crime occurs on well-lit streets and areas of campus. Keep your neighborhood and students safer by taking advantage of the ConnecTable’s LED lighting.
  • Fundraising Opportunity: At the University at California, Santa Barbara, students have found several innovative ways to use the ConnecTable café table. Several student groups have set up fundraisers around the ConnecTable and have utilized the tables charging and Wi-Fi capabilities to set up PowerPoints and slideshows.
  • Shaded Seating Areas: We know how hot it can get hot in the summer, and far too often there are not nearly enough shaded seating areas in parks and university campuses. Luckily, users can find solace and sanctuary from the afternoon sun underneath the ConnecTable’s 10’x 6’ shade canopy.
  • Outdoor Workstation: The ConnecTable’s design provides employees with a comfortable workstation where they can plug-in their laptops and phones, and work on their projects and assignments while enjoying the serenity of nature. You can even schedule an outdoor meeting at a ConnecTable! Many businesses have beautiful courtyards on their campus, but unfortunately they are only utilized by smokers and geese. By adding a ConnecTable to your campus and encouraging employees to spend more time outdoors, you will find that your employees will be much happier and more efficient on a daily basis.

For more information on the ConnecTable Hub or to request a free quote please contact our sales department at

Have any other ideas for uses for the ConnecTable? Leave us a comment below!

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