Hubba Hubba: The New ConnecTable

Technology is always improving – and so are we. Our goal is to extend the amount of “green” time that Americans spend outdoors by providing the convenience and comfort of connecting to mobile devices while on the go. Because sustainable technology continues to augment our surrounding landscapes, from business buildings to universities and parks, our design team has created a new product that can adapt to our changing environments and our modern need to stay connected – the ConnecTable Hub!

After receiving feedback from you, our customers, our design engineers agreed that it was time for a new product with a simpler, more cost-effective design – one that would ultimately give you more ‘bang for your buck’.

According to Brian Kehl, the Hub’s lead designer, one of the biggest benefits of the new table design is portability. “We took the Café table and boiled it down. The Hub is designed to be a turnkey product. Just drop it down and turn it on. It’s as simple as that.”

The Hub design, which is both NEC and ADA compliant, will feature (4) solar panels, (8) USB charging ports, (4) GFCI outlets, carbon steel for the mast and canopy, and a concrete base and table top, with (2) concrete benches and the ability to add on up to (2) more.

“The ConnecTable Hub was designed with a simple, robust concrete frame for several reasons” says Kehl. “First, the design will allow the table to complement a variety of settings. Second, concrete has a multitude of beneficial properties for outdoor furniture: it is nearly maintenance free, it will remain resilient during harsh weather, maintain our 90mph wind rating without the need for an anchor, will not overheat on a summer day, and is highly resistant to vandalism. And finally, the use of concrete has allowed us to significantly lower the cost of the table, so that we can make it more affordable.”

The color of the concrete for the ConnecTable Hub will be a warm French Grey.

“I’m excited to finally see the release of the table,” remarks Kehl. “This type of solar innovation is the future, and it feels good to be doing our part.”

A simple concept with a sleek design and a multitude of applications. The ConnecTable Hub is sure to be a game changer.

Look out for the Hub to make its debut at the 2016 AASHE Tradeshow in Baltimore this October!

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