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Installing a Solar Table Charging Station at Your Facility:

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Are you a Property Manager interested in solar table charging stations for your next project? Let us help you to plan ahead and fulfill your design vision with the following list of key considerations to be aware of before you buy.

1. Is There a Need for Outdoor Charging Stations on Your Client’s Property?

Laptop and mobile device use have become a necessity in today’s world. People are becoming increasingly tech-dependent for both their work and everyday lives. When designing an outdoor space for your clients, do you observe people with their phones plugged into the wall, laptops or somewhere nearby? Are there areas on the property where employees gather?  Often, there is limited access to power outlets and generally no access outdoors. According to the latest Pew Research study, 90% of Americans own a smartphone and at least 60% need their phone to access the internet.[1] Along with the high ownership and use, comes an increased need for charging stations. Furthermore, when you combine this technological need with rising utility costs,[2] it further reinforces the need for organizations to search for alternative solutions to meet growing power demands.

Solar table charging stations, like the ConnecTable, are a sustainable way to address the expanding need for power and charging in outdoor locations while also creating a unique, social gathering area. With 85% of people admitting that mobile devices are a central part of their day-to-day lives,[3] the need to be able to charge electronic devices, even while enjoying the outdoors, is clearly important. When combining this need with the rising cost of electricity rates you can positively impact a utility budget by incorporating solar charging tables into a community. It can also help clients modernize an outdoor space to meet today’s technology demands.

2. What is Your Clients Green Mission?

Does your client value sustainability? Do they pride themselves in being a leader in their community? Do they want to educate others in the value of going green and saving the environment? If so, the ConnecTable can assist your client in attaining their goals. As a solar table charging station, the ConnecTable provides users with a visible, hands-on green experience. With its highly noticeable and appealing design style, the table visibly demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the environment and sustainability. While rooftop solar panels are not usually visible and difficult to access, the ConnecTable delivers a quick and easily accessible solution. Users gain first-hand experience with the value of renewable energy for an every-day need such as charging electronic devices.

If your client pledges to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions or is a member of a “Commitment to Climate Change Group,” solar charging stations are an ideal way to integrate their energy conservation pursuits. ConnecTables are an excellent way to address carbon neutrality goals by encouraging use of renewable energy instead of traditional sources of power for charging phones. ConnecTables can also be utilized for ongoing promotional opportunities and can be integrated to embody and reinforce an organization’s green energy mission in conjunction with a commitment to people’s technological needs. Leveraging the tables in annual Earth Day celebrations, and regular promotions via social media, local newspapers, or other media channels are also opportunities to build awareness of an organization’s “green” initiative with ConnecTables.

3. How Might the Charging Stations Complement the Existing Interest and Use of Solar Energy or Other Sustainable Projects on a Property?

In asking about a client’s green mission, you may find that your client already has sustainability initiatives in place or is currently using solar power.  As a sustainable solution that also solves an ongoing property/consumer need, the ConnecTable is a conspicuous and ideal way to enhance existing sustainability projects. For example, rooftop solar panels are an effective way to capture solar energy but are neither easily accessible nor visible to all patrons. Traditional solar panels also have limited usefulness in power outages if they are connected to the grid. Yet, solar table charging stations are far less expensive than a full rooftop solar installation and can meet the desire to deploy an off-grid solution with sustainable energy for today’s technological needs like charging— especially in the case of a power outage. As a visible green symbol that enables users to enjoy and gain first-hand experience with solar, ConnecTables can become a natural extension of any solar project that may already deployed on site. The tables can also satisfy a client’s desire to educate a population on sustainable living.

4. Budget Concerns are Always an Issue, How Can I Address This Aspect?

We understand that outdoor landscape budgets can be notoriously tight. However, ConnecTable solar table charging stations are an ideal solution for addressing multiple needs of an outdoor space to stretch tight budgets.

  • Lighting– The attractive LED lighting that is a standard feature with the tables can be integrated into outdoor venues for security lighting purposes. The lighting feature can also be used to create a resort-like effect on a property at night. Yet, the table can still remain in use during the day (or even at night). If the tables are used as solution for area lighting, instead of a traditional lighting source, savings may be obtained. There is no need to dig into the ground, concrete or other structures to run additional electrical wiring or purchase and install additional lighting units.  Lighting is easily provided with ConnecTable and delivers multi-functional benefits.
  • Social Gathering Space– Similar to fire pits in residential sectors, the ConnecTable also provides your client with a social gathering space for 4-6 people that enables modernization of a previously underutilized outdoor space. Tables can be used to encourage and enhance social interactions at a venue and can help manage pedestrian traffic flow in particular areas. For example, the University of California, Riverside began hosting movie nights in their community R-Garden, a space that was relatively underutilized. By using the ConnecTable as a source of power that was previously unavailable, an entirely new program was created for the University. Now the R-Garden is a well-known location and inviting space to draw visitors and encourage social gathering on special occasions.
  • Shade and Seating– The expanded shade panel option on the ConnecTable easily provides properties with additional shade and comfort. Rather than simply installing benches with no shade, the table offers shade, as well as the added bonus of being able to charge electronic devices.
  • Outside the Cubicle Space– With ConnecTables, clients can think “outside the cubicle” and create strikingly unique outdoor work spaces for phones, tablets or laptops, making a property more attractive and appealing to a variety of tenants, as well as employees in a corporate campus. Internationally acclaimed landscape design professionals and industry trends indicate that the division of indoor/outdoor space is breaking down and that contemporary needs are for landscapes to be active and more programmed rather than simply being a backdrop.[4] Additionally, commercial real estate trends reinforce that more work is being conducted outdoors with workspace expanding for meetings and other activities.[5] The addition of ConnecTables to a corporate campus or commercial office complex helps development owners stand out and compete with newer and more modern properties.
  • Outdoor Classroom– For universities, colleges, or schools, ConnecTables can play an important educational role. Classes can be held at the table, allowing the professors to easily plug into a source for presentations or exhibits. By experiencing the table’s power firsthand, students will be able to appreciate and learn more about renewable energy and how it works for their benefit. Tables can be featured on college tour stops to showcase potential new students that the university is committed to climate change as well as meeting the technology needs of its students. Engineering and sustainability departments will find the table to be a useful addition to their classroom discussions and programs.
  • Modernizing an Outdoor Space– To meet today’s pervasive dependency on technology, electricity outputs are essential. Bringing power in sustainable way to an area outside that needs it, is key to upgrading a space for today’s demands.

The ConnecTable is a multi-use product offering many ways properties and organizations can benefit. Please ask us about volume discounts for more than 3 tables.

5. Are there any Tax Incentives for Installing the ConnecTable?

Installing solar table charging stations may not be as costly as your client thinks due to special incentives and tax credits available to businesses that install solar.

We recommend that organizations consult with a tax advisor for further information.

6. What are the Power Capabilities of the Charging Station?

Not all charging stations are the same. The Connectable is the only table with a 3/1 solar harvest to power ratio, designed for optimized battery recharging and autonomy, making it the most robust table on the market. The ConnecTable is uniquely engineered to meet specific long endurance, high autonomy mobile device charging objectives. It is the only table with a P.E. stamped electrical design, assuring that the highest standards of performance are met.

The ConnecTable’s high wattage solar canopy optimizes solar energy harvest. Some other table canopy designs may compromise or limit solar harvest. Others may be small in size and wattage, accommodating only the basic and temporary utilitarian needs. As a result, their batteries take longer to recharge, thereby preventing users from charging their devices when needed. At present, the ConnecTable has the highest solar panel capacity on the market providing the highest off-grid autonomy and charging performance, even in multi-day overcast/no sun conditions.

Each ConnecTable is powerful enough to support up to 75-150 handheld mobile device charges per day. The table also has the ability to charge tablets, laptops, cameras, and other portable devices.

The ConnecTable is certified by a licensed professional solar PV engineer with more than 250 completed solar projects, ensuring that the highest standards of reliable performance of the table are met.

The ConnecTable is the only solar table with a fully-engineered, commercial grade, off-grid, self-ballast mounted solar charging station and battery storage system. This truly off-grid solar powered charging system offers three-days autonomy and incorporates high quality, components for safety, reliability and powerful performance for the discerning customer. The table is engineered to meet rigorous device charging demands and so that it can still be used during poor weather conditions and power outages.

7. Will the Table Stand up to Weather Variables?

The ConnecTable’s uncompromising structural integrity delivers high reliability for the life of the solar panels. It incorporates state-of-the-art materials that are able to face extreme weather events. It is rated for performance in -40 to +40 degree Celsius weather and offers a 90 MPH wind speed-rated, self-ballast structure. Our base structure provides a 20-25 year lifespan.

The ConnecTable also contains UL listed components and tropical rated components for humid conditions. It is also compromised of heavy duty-grade quality structural steel equivalent to what is utilized in commercial grade solar PV systems.

8. What are the Product’s Safety Standards?

At CarrierClass Green Infrastructure, we take safety very seriously. The ConnecTable meets all applicable, current National Electrical Code and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) safety requirements for all fixed location off-grid solar PV systems.

The tables feature ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) receptacles for the protection of users against inadvertent shocks as well as ground fault detection and interruption (GFDI) protection for the solar PV array wiring and DC side of the system. This protection device will disconnect the solar PV array in the event that there is a fault within the DC wiring of the solar array, charge controller, or battery that could present a shock hazard. Some other tables on the market may not have this safety feature included.

All 120V AC outlets are rated for outdoor use. Weatherproof enclosures protect all the receptacles and the light switch from rain and other weather at all times. Many other tables on the market may not include weatherproof protection for the receptacles while in use.

Over voltage and over current protection is included for all electrical components and wiring, and will shut off the applicable component in the event of a hazardous condition. All equipment, components, and wiring are UL listed. Normal weather conditions will not affect the safety of the tables.

9. What Kind of Experience Does the Manufacturer Have?

CarrierClass Green Infrastructure’s (CCGI’s) background is integrating infrastructure into Class A public facilities. From the implementation of solar on historic rooftop properties, we evolved to meet the newest market demands for off-grid solar. We established high quality product design standards from inception and brought together the best in architecture, structural design and engineering. As a result, we’ve created a product that is superior in design, performance and durability. The University of California, Riverside as well as other organizations, recognized this elite combination of cutting-edge design and unparalleled charging capability for their campus. And, as a result, they sought out ConnecTables over other table manufacturers and installed thirteen tables. We’re regularly manufacturing and installing additional tables throughout the country. We’ll be happy to provide client references for you and additional case studies.

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