Do solar table charging stations work in the northern states or in winter?

YES, if you’ve got the right system. Even though there may be fewer hours of the sun available during winter months, especially in the north, the sun’s energy is still being captured through our solar table charging station’s two (2) powerful 265watt solar pv modules. In Pennsylvania for example, our manufacturing headquarters, we’ve tested our ConnecTable solar table charging station in winter. We kept the PV modules free from snow, oriented the solar panels due south and found that they were still working as well as they would be in any southern state. Even during cloudy winter weather, the energy captured and stored in the battery was enough for regular use. Ensuring that our tables functioned well in northern areas or colder climate conditions was a key requirement in our design. High quality solar pv modules like the ones we use are produced in an ISO9001 certified facility and also go through rigorous quality inspections to meet rigid standards and use, even during winter months. Even our batteries are field tested for capacity during cold winter months.

However, if you live in a climate with less than thirty days of sun in the winter or live in more northern tier states, we would recommend a 1kW (1060 watts) sized solar table charging station. This system contains four (4) 265watt solar PV panels, two (2) charge controllers and two (2) batteries for the additional solar energy capture and storage that may be needed during those cloudier, winter months if the table is expected to be in use. To determine if your location might pose issues with respect to available sunlight, you can look at solar maps from the national renewable energy labs, Specific northern states show much less solar resource than those in the southern portion of the U.S.. Therefore, this is an important consideration for your table choice.

Ultimately the quality and power of the PV modules, the battery storage system and ensuring the solar panels have a southern orientation are key things to consider when choosing and placing the right solar table charging station for your climate and location. Keeping the solar PV modules free from snow during winter months is also important to maintaining the usability of the table.

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