Renewable Energy: The Time is Now

Do you find yourself waiting for the “other shoe to drop” when it comes to renewable energy? If so, you aren’t alone. There are many reasons for ‘waiting it out’— some assume it could be a fad, others are hoping prices will drop, still others are waiting to see if sustainable energy is really all that efficient. Perhaps it’s natural to be skeptical of change, but it’s high time to embrace that renewable energy is not just a fad, and in fact is the most affordable and efficient it’s ever been. A recent article by the BBC, “Renewable Energy Soars to Record Levels Around the World,” has brought to light new statistics that support investing in solar energy, NOW:


More Popular Than Ever

For years now renewable energy has been increasing in popularity, not only in residential areas, but also in the manufacturing, education, and corporate business sectors. It should be no surprise to hear that in 2015 more solar, wind, and hydropower sources were added globally and at a faster rate than ever before.

Renewable Energy

Globally, renewable energy saw its greatest year in 2015: Green power is now the leading source of electricity in Europe, providing for 44% of its total capacity. Meanwhile, in the U.S., several businesses that employ a combined 11 million people have made a 100% commitment to using renewables as their sole means of energy.


Declining Costs

While it’s no surprise that some of the top players in the global economy have added the largest share of green power(China accounts for over 1/3 of the global total), this year developing countries spent more on renewable energy than the world’s wealthier nations for the first time ever. This can be attributed to the increasing affordability of renewable energy — no longer is it seen as an investment too expensive to responsibly consider. Even more interesting is that as the cost of renewables falls, the cost of fossil fuels has (independently) as well; yet, investment in renewables are double that of fossil fuels. While these resources are now extremely cost-competitive, there is an undeniable preference towards green energy as it produces a greater ROI, while also helping to preserve the environment.

If you are considering investing in renewable resources for your home, business or institution, the time has never been better. We look forward to making a brighter and cleaner future together.


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*Data for this article courtesy of the BBC and the Renewables Global Status Report.

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