Solar Charging Stations: The Key to Health and Productivity

It’s common knowledge that spending time outdoors helps reduce stress and increase productivity, but did you know that it also helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which helps you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning?

Did you know that spending time in the presence of local flora helps to strengthen your immune system? And that spending time outdoors can even help to battle and prevent depression?

Even without all of these added benefits, who doesn’t want to spend more time outdoors?

Sitting in a classroom or an office all day can make it difficult for us to get the fresh air and sunlight that we need. But with busy schedules and the need for electricity and internet to be productive it’s hard to bring our work outside with us, right?

Not with the ConnecTable.

At the ConnecTable’s headquarters in Willow Grove, PA, you will find employees eating, chatting, relaxing, and working outdoors—with no fear of their laptops or phones dying on them.

That’s because they work in the shade provided by the ConnecTable’s solar array with their computers plugged in to one the ConnecTable’s (4) GFCI outlets and their phones connected to one of the table’s (8) USB ports.


“It’s perfect for when I get writer’s block,” says Jimmy Mastroni, ConnecTable’s Marketing & Production Coordinator.

“The fresh air and scenery help me to clear my mind and focus on my work. Plus it helps break up the monotony of a day; it’s amazing how beneficial it is to step outside the office for even an hour or two.”

“I enjoy taking my lunch with outside with me while I work on renderings and designs for new tables and products” explains Brian Kehl, the ConnecTable’s lead designer.

“For me, it is much easier to relax and focus on my work when I’m outdoors.”

The ConnecTable is not just suitable for corporate life; students and university faculty around the country are also enjoying the benefits of working outdoors.

More than 20 tables have been installed in the University of California school system alone.

“The tables have become highly functional spaces for group study sessions with everyone plugged in” explains Brian Petyo, the marketing manager at UC Irvine.

John Cook, the director of sustainability at UC Riverside elaborated, “The solar tables [at UCR] provide a clean and renewable source of energy for charging the multitude of mobile devices on campus while offering much needed shade.”

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of bringing a solar charging station to your campus or property, feel free to request our white paper: Outside the Four Walls: How Outdoor Workstations are Revolutionizing the Way We Work.


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