Stay Connected In Style With Solar Table Charging Stations:

An Elite Combination of Cutting-Edge Design and Unparalleled Charging Capability

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The ConnecTable is the only solar table charging station with a 3/1 input/output power ratio designed for optimized battery recharge and autonomy.


The ConnecTable is the only solar table charging station with a P.E. stamped electrical design, reinforcing that the highest standards of performance are met.


The ConnecTable requires little to no maintenance, is highly resistant to vandalism, and is the only table on the market with a 100% structural steel base construction, giving it a 90 mph stand-alone wind rating.

ConnecTable solar table charging stations utilize truly off-grid, solar technology to meet the increasing consumer demand for outdoor mobile device charging in public spaces. In a world that relies on constant connectivity, public areas with little-to-no access to the grid often go underutilized. Revolutionize these spaces effortlessly with the modern convenience of ConnecTable outdoor charging solutions. The high-capacity battery expertly performs overnight and through multiple poor weather days, assuring that anyone, anywhere can power their electronic devices in comfortable convenience.

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Solar-StyleSolar That Makes a Statement

Fine craftsmanship has been at the helm of the ConnecTable’s design from its very inception. Forged from structural steel, they are extremely durable, yet stunningly sleek. The aesthetic value of the ConnecTable is solely outshined by its superior performance. These uniquely self-ballast mounted solar table charging stations are topped with commercial-grade panels that boast unrivaled solar harvest. See how the ConnecTable can help show off sustainability with style at your:


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