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Park-Solar-TableToday’s technologically-inclined consumers do not leave home without their mobile devices. No matter what activity they are partaking in, most wish to document their experience and share it with friends via social media. This creates a problem for amusement parks and other locations with little-to-no available outlets for outdoor smart phone charging. ConnecTable outdoor charging stations feature solar technology that allows theme park owners to bring charging capability to popular locations like concession areas or gift shops – without running costly conduits to the electric grid.

The most successful theme parks are now integrating Wi-Fi and developing apps where consumers can skip lines, look at park maps, and find deals. These developments are very beneficial to park owners, as 30% of smart phone users say at least one (1) of their social media accounts is hooked up to location*. Additionally, smartphones have become the new digital cameras – and going to an amusement park is an experience that most wish to capture through photos. Now consumers are sharing where they are and what they’re doing with their friends – more free advertising for the parks! Increasing park technology and expanding park Wi-Fi networks does lead to one significant problem for both park owners and consumers – a draining cell phone battery.


Outdoor Station - ConnecTableDraining batteries should be a source of anxiety for park owners. This leads to consumers’ shorter use of park apps, less photos posted to social media, and an overall shorter staying time at the park. With the addition of ConnecTable outdoor charging stations, park owners are able to bypass all of these complications. Visitors will leave satisfied, and your park will have a unique, sustainable addition that will surely make a statement and gain attention.

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*Pew Research Internet Project: Mobile Technology study (2014)

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