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Create a strikingly unique office space with outdoor solar workstations

Outdoor Solar Workstation
solar table at work

Improve the environment and your location’s value in the marketplace with the addition of ConnecTable outdoor solar workstations. The added amenity of ConnecTables to your corporate campus helps development owners stand out and compete with newer properties. Businesses that have made sustainability a priority have seen sales skyrocket; consumers are more receptive to socially and environmentally-conscious companies. Those companies, in turn, are more likely to do business with those who share the same values. ConnecTable solar table charging stations are a simple, modern way for any corporate campus to integrate solar energy and sustainability.

We know that “going green” is good for business. There are new developments in renewable energy every day. Converting to solar is just one of the many ways to decrease a business’s carbon footprint, and it is beneficial to both the environment and your bank account. Rather than overhaul an entire building to be wired for solar, which can be costly and time-consuming, ConnecTable outdoor solar workstations provide a unique, additional work space for tenants of a business park, or can simply be used for convenient outdoor charging of electronic devices.

Placing ConnecTables in an open, outdoor quad of a corporate campus provides a creative space that is unmatched by most other complexes. Tenants are no longer confined by the limitations of a traditional office. A large, outdoor area with ConnecTables functions as a communal workstation where professionals can get fresh air and still be productive. This adds value to your property and offers a unique selling point to potential renters. Increase revenue by offering tenants access to this additional, unconventional office space. Installing ConnecTables on your property showcases a commitment to both sustainability and tenant satisfaction.

Please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website, or contact a sales representative at (267) 419-8496 for more information on how to transform an area of your corporate campus with ConnecTable outdoor solar workstations.

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