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Create a sustainable, innovative outdoor socializing space for your client’s landscape with a solar charging station.

Internationally acclaimed landscape architect Ken Smith states that “the division between indoors and outdoors is breaking down. Rather than the old model of landscape simply as a pleasant backdrop, contemporary needs are for landscapes that are more active, programmed, and useful.”¹ So if your clients are looking for an environmentally conscious and modern landscape design, combine their needs with a convenient renewable energy power source for electronics, like a solar charging station. The ConnecTable solar charging station is the perfect way to address today’s growing technology demands in combination with a desire for outdoor living and living sustainably.

It’s a proven fact that access to open, green spaces and nature helps reduce neighborhood socioeconomic health inequalities and boosts productivity and mental well-being.² Mobile technology is also an essential part of life with 92% of cust-7adults in the US owning a cellphone or smartphone.³ And, the majority of cell phone users say they cannot live without one.4 The ConnecTable solar charging station aligns nature with today’s technology needs.

The ConnecTable is a multi-functioning solar powered charging station that transforms a local gathering area into a functional setting for an outdoor business meeting. The LED lighting system, promotes security, enables the hosting of nighttime events, and can create a resort-like effect on a property. By converting direct sunlight into usable energy for the daily need of charging portable electronic devices. ConnecTables demonstrate an organization’s commitment to sustainability in a highly visible and accessible way. It reduces carbon footprints without detracting from the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. See recent projects in our Case Studies.

Please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website, or contact a sales representative at (267) 419-8496 for more information on how to transform an outdoor area with ConnecTable outdoor solar workstations.


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