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Attract new visitors with solar powered picnic tables: a modern update that promotes sustainability

Solar Station at a park for visitorsIncrease attraction to your specific park or campground with the installation of ConnecTable solar-powered picnic tables. Mobile technology has become an integral part of daily life, and an outdoor trip to a park or campground is expected to include the use of consumers’ electronic devices. ConnecTable solar charging table stations are a robust, modern, weather-resilient addition to any park or campground looking to meet charging demand and maintain sustainability.

Today, going for a run means listening to music and tracking mileage via mobile device. Compass apps that come on most phones are used during hikes and bike rides. Camping out for a night or a weekend is documented and posted to social networks in real-time with the click of a button. Considering 30% of cell phone users report that at least (1) of their social media accounts is hooked up to location*, tracked photos and activities provide free advertising for parks and campgrounds. All of this activity, however, often leads to a quickly drained cell phone battery.


Solar-Picnic-Table“Nomophobia,” the fear of being apart from one’s smartphone, is becoming more and more prominent across the globe**. Many would rather than cut their trip short than stay somewhere without access to their smartphones. For outdoor venues, ConnecTable solar charging table stations are the perfect solution. They maintain an Earth-friendly carbon footprint, and don’t take away from the natural, beautiful landscape parks and campground have to offer. In fact, they can increase the aesthetic value of highly-used, open areas of many parks. The ConnecTable’s LED lights provide overnight lighting in spaces that would otherwise be dark, without having to connect to the electric grid.

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**Business Insider, “Smartphone Addiction Now Has a Clinical Name”(2014)

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