Going on vacation is a luxury. Finding an outlet shouldn’t be.

Optimize outdoor amenities with a convenient outdoor charging solution

resort visitors charging devicesIn the recent years, the term “going on vacation” has undergone a serious transformation. Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people travel. Gone are the days of disposable cameras, fanny packs, and paper tickets. Now, vacationers book a hotel, check in to their flight, and capture great photos, all from their smartphones. But increased smartphone use means quickly draining batteries, and guests would rather hole up in their room to charge than take advantage of what resorts have to offer. And resorts now feature more amenities than ever: multiple pools, bars, golf courses – even waterparks and rides! Maximize guests’ amenity use and increase profits with the addition of ConnecTable, a sustainable outdoor charging solution.


Park-Solar-TableAccording to a survey by Time magazine’s Techland section, 84% of people said they could not go a single day without their phone, and a third (1/3) of respondents said that being without their phone, even for a short period, made them feel “anxious.” This provides a great opportunity for resorts to increase staying time at specific revenue-building, outdoor areas with water sports, bars, and golf courses. The addition of ConnecTable solar charging stations provides convenience to guests, allowing them to continue snapping pictures – while spending money. And because the vast majority of vacationers post pictures to social media and “check in” to their resort while on vacation, keeping cell batteries charged leads to more free advertising for resorts! The ConnecTable is a robust, highly-resilient piece of architecture with a beautiful design. It will both enhance guests’ experience and the look of your outdoor space, without adding to your energy bill.

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