The Power to Shop ‘Til You Drop.

Increase shopping time and revenue with solar charging tables

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Outdoor malls and shopping plazas are facing a recent integration of mobile technology in the shopping experience. It seems that people just can’t – or won’t – shop without their phones. Yet constant texts, phone calls, and app usage results in smartphone batteries that are draining faster than ever.

This issue, coupled by the significant trend in the development of lifestyle centers, town centers, and outdoor plazas, presents a new challenge for retail spaces, which generally feature very few outlets for public use. Many consumers would rather cut a trip short than continue shopping without cell phone access. The addition of ConnecTable solar charging tables can put an end to retailers’ fears. 

They provide a unique socializing space and draw attraction to any open, outdoor promenade. With an extra boost to their mobile devices, it is highly likely that shoppers will be willing to make longer and more frequent visits to the mall, resulting in higher revenues for stores and food courts, and a higher premium for those wishing to rent space.

A 2012 study by Pew Research Center’s American Life Projects found that 38% of shoppers regularly use a smartphone to contact friends for advice on a potential purchase, and ¼ of shoppers look up reviews of a product online, in real-time, while shopping.

Shopping apps have skyrocketed in popularity, helping consumers find discounts at stores in their proximity. 30% of cell phone users report that at least (1) of their social media accounts is hooked up to location*.

This proves beneficial to mall owners, as it provides free advertising. ConnecTable solar charging tables can maximize these benefits for retail owners, by providing charging and increased shopping time, as a result. These robust, high-quality tables are weather-resilient and offer a beautiful architectural design to enhance any outdoor shopping space.

For more information on how to attract consumers to your retail space by featuring ConnecTable solar charging table stations, please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website, or call (267) 419-8496 to speak with a sales representative.

*Pew Research Internet Project: Mobile Technology study (2014)

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