Double Major in Sustainability and Style

Show commitment to green energy and student satisfaction with a solar charging station that’s top of the class

students charging their devices at a universityMobile technology is an essential part of campus life. Whether they’re communicating with friends, checking emails, or scheduling classes, students never leave home without their cell phones. In fact, the average person 18-24 spends five (5) hours every day just on their smartphone*. This means that during a long day on campus, most students will need to recharge their devices. Many campus buildings across the country may be older, outdated, and lack enough outlets even inside classrooms for student charging needs. With the addition of ConnecTable solar charging stations, students can sustainably work outdoors on their laptops or charge cell phones in between classes.

Bringing the ConnecTable to your campus demonstrates a commitment to both sustainability and student satisfaction. The ConnecTable provides electricity where there is little to no infrastructure to support it. Quads, outdoor dining areas, and promenades can be transformed into popular charging zones, attracting students to areas where you’d like them to gather. Your school’s Wi-Fi network can be integrated into the tables to further increase popularity and convenience. The ConnecTable will be a statement piece to feature during campus tours, and will attract the attention of visitors to the school. “Going green” has never been so simple – a one day installation of ConnecTable solar charging stations can help universities get on the path to carbon neutrality.


students sitting outside near a solar panelMany existing school green funds provide for projects like the tables because of the sustainable benefits they offer. Businesses who donate tables to the school as a gift may be eligible for tax incentives. CarrierClass Green Infrastructure is committed to helping your campus find the most cost-effective way to decrease its carbon footprint through the installation of ConnecTable solar charging tables.

Please fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website, or call a sales representative at (267) 419-8496 to find out more information on how your school can go green with ConnecTable solar charging stations.

*Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 2014 Mobile Behavior Report http://www.exacttarget.com/sites/exacttarget/files/deliverables/etmc-2014mobilebehaviorreport.pdf



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