There’s an App for That? 6 Apps to Help You Start Living a More Sustainable Life

It can be easy to feel helpless in the face of global issues such as climate change and environmental degradation. What difference can one person make? And we get it; you’re busy. It’s difficult enough to find the time to finish that book or TV series that you started last month, let alone save the world. So, to help you out, we’ve decided to share with you a few choice apps that can help you save time, the environment, and cut down on your utilities bill.


joulebug1. JouleBugjoulebug2 (FREE) Android and IOS: Earn points and badges for your sustainable actions (using a reusable water bottle, taking public transportation, taking a shorter shower, etc.). JouleBug also hooks up to your utility accounts so you can track how much your sustainable lifestyle is saving you per month.


greenmeter2. greenMeter ($5.99) IOS: Make your apps work for you! Use the greenMeter app to maximize your gas efficiency and reduce your fuel consumption. The app evaluates your driving tendencies and provides you with feedback to increase your fuel efficiency and lower your environmental impact.


irecycle3. iRecycle (FREE) Android: Knowing which items are recyclable and figuring out the appropriate way to dispose of them can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is why iRecycle provides users with over 1,500,000 ways to recycle more than 350 different materials.


4. Dropcountr (FREE) Android and IOS: After connecting the app withdropcountr2 your water utility company, Dropcountr enables you to conserve water and save on your utility bill by sending you usage reports, helping you to set a water budget, and notifying you when you have a leak (or your children left the hose running).


myearth5. MyEarth (FREE) Android and IOS: The MyEarth app will calculate the carbon offset of the environmentally friendly activities that you do each day. Simply login whenever you turn off your electronics when leaving a room, carpool to work, or change your air conditioner’s filter, and you can observe how many carbon units you are saving. It becomes infinitely easier to make environmentally friendly decisions when you can see a tangible calculation of your efforts.


farmstand6. Farmstand (FREE) IOS and Mobile Web: Variety is the spice of life! farmstand2Not only does eating food grown locally and seasonally provide diversity to your diet, it also helps the environment by cutting back on “food mileage.” With the assistance of the Farmstand app you can now find directions to nearby farmers’ markets, check the best deals, and see what times the markets stay open until.



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