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It’s no secret that the education system in the United States is placing a higher emphasis on implementing sustainability initiatives on campuses, more so than ever before. As leaders in change and innovation, colleges and universities are looked to as influencers to display what the future of green living really looks like.

What is your institution doing to promote sustainability initiatives in 2016? If you haven’t decided quite yet, you are not alone. There are now countless options in which sustainability departments can spend their funding, so what are the best bets?

Solar energy is not a new concept, however it is one that provides energy efficiency for the masses, which is perhaps why it has had such great success in the education space. We have worked with universities all across the United States to help them achieve their sustainability goals- isn’t it time you got to see why?

The ConnecTable- your campus’ solar energy solution

The ConnecTable offers the perfect, sustainable solution to any college campus with students and faculty on the go. It is an off-grid, solar powered charging station that reduces your carbon footprint while also providing shelter and a gathering space on campus.  Once installed the table requires no maintenance, and has the ability to charge mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and other portable devices year-round. With proven results at Universities around the country, you can help make a green statement at your campus with the ConnecTable.

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