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Here at the ConnecTable we are always thinking about our clients, and how we can evolve our product line to match their ever-changing needs. Technology can be either a blessing or a curse. We have decided to see it as an opportunity to grow, and are always finding new ways to save time and money through solar and design advancements. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being customer-centric. At the very core of our product is a belief that our customers are seeking convenience through sustainability. This belief is the basis of our business, the reason why we exist…

It’s been a few years though, great years where we have learned and grown, found our strengths, and areas of improvement. In that time we have continued to provide great customer service, but needed to get a pulse  on the market. We decided that the simplest way to see how the market felt about our product, the ConnecTable, was to ask.  And that’s exactly what we did. The more we asked the more we understood  there was an opportunity for a new solar charging table that would be unlike anything else. Spoiler alert: We made it; it’s called the ConnecTable Hub.


Our survey method was pretty straightforward- we created an online survey that could be taken in less than 10 minutes that included quantitative and qualitative questions. We reached out to current and prospective clients, as well as industry leaders via email, and asked if they had time for a phone conversation to review the results. The conversations we had were surprising in some ways, and confirmed what we thought we knew in other ways.

At a high level, we were able to narrow in on what the customer finds to be the most important aspects of our product as it pertains to their buying decision. While price was a major factor, it wasn’t the largest. Design aesthetic ranked high in terms of priorities, as well as durability- especially in campus and park settings.  There was a lot of discussion around performance, maintenance and safety as well.

Our research has also informed us that both GFCI and USB outlets are preferred and that charging ability and battery duration are also very important to you. In addition, respondents indicated that the materials that are used are very important. Customers want a table that is resistant to both vandalism and the destructive power of nature. Finally, you mentioned that customizability was not important as long as the table could complement a wide variety of surroundings.

With all of this in mind, our design team developed our newest product – the ConnecTable Hub!

Using the same great design aesthetic as in our Café model, we went back to the drawing board to create a brand new product that is visually appealing, durable, and provides the same great performance you have come to expect from ConnecTable, charging up to 150 devices per day through the power of the sun. We also heard several comments about the product price. The Hub was designed to address these concerns. We know that you may love every aspect of a product and have a thousand useful applications for it, but unfortunately none of that matters if it is out of your price range. This is why we have reduced the price of the ConnecTable Hub…a full 33% lower than the Café!

In closing, we would like to send a very special “thank you” to everyone who contributed their time. Your thoughts and ideas are what kept us going through this whole process. We know this isn’t the end of the conversation, however, and we look forward to your continued feedback while we continuously improve upon our line of solar charging stations, thereby enabling you to meet your sustainability goals and make this Earth a greener place.

For more information on the ConnecTable Hub, please contact

Be sure to look for the ConnecTable Hub when it is unveiled at this year’s AASHE conference in Baltimore from October 9th-12th!

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